How do I become verified?

We verify all providers that are listed on Tryst to prevent fake or misleading profiles being listed. This creates a better experience for both providers and clients. We keep as little personal, real world information about you as possible so you can be confident in your information safety.

What information is required?

NOTE: We can not accept verification photos that use filters or have any modifications applied. Ensure that you do not select any filters when taking the photo if you are using social apps to take the photo.

You can become verified with Tryst by providing the following:

  • A photo of you holding a handwritten sign with your working name, the email address you signed up with, todays date, and the phrase "I am signing up for" shown.
  • The sign must be handwritten, digitally altered or written images are not accepted.
  •  We must be able to confidently match you to your profile photos and are unable to accept photos that do not show your face or that do not clearly show yourself holding your verification paper. Your profile will be rejected if your verification photo and profile pictures do not match.
  • Do not edit the photo at all - no filters, no stickers, no modification. We have tools to flip your image if text is mirrored like in this examples below.

Can I send other forms of verification?

No, we don't accept other forms of verification, such as ECCIE or other listings, we can only accept the verification photo. We don't know how other sites chose to verify their workers or how consistent they are.

We also do not accept government issued ID, such as your drivers license or citizen ID. Please do not send us this kind of identifying information unless we specifically request it to verify your age!

Where do I send this information?

We recommend that you use the account verification form that appears when you first log into your new account to submit the required information. You must submit via the form, we can not accept verification images to the support email address.

How long does it take to become verified?

We are a small team and work as fast as we can to verify everyone quickly. Please allow up to 15 business days for your verification to be processed before checking in with us.