How do I become verified?

We verify all providers that advertise on before their profile is published. We know that sharing your information with us requires trust and we work hard to ensure we earn it, which is why we have detailed information about how we secure your data. Our support team are also available to answer any questions you might have.

How do you keep my data safe?

What information is required?

There are two steps to becoming verified on

  1. A verification photo - this ensures that your profile is really for you and that we can help you recover your account if you ever need to.
  2. Proof of age - is an adult platform for adult users. We need to verify that all providers on the platform have valid ID showing proof of age.

NOTE: We can not accept verification or proof of age photos that have any modification applied (such as image edits, filters of any kind, or screenshots). Do not select any filters when taking the photo, especially if you are using a social app.

Make sure you carefully read the instructions on the verification page and proof of age page to minimise the chance we have to reject your photos and require you to resubmit. When you resubmit you are back at the end of the queue, so ensuring you meet all the requirements up front will help you get approved as quickly as possible.

Verification photo

Your verification photo is used to match you against the photos you add to your profile. It also helps us confirm you are the legitimate account owner if you ever need help recovering your account (like if you lose your MFA login token generator for example).

This photo must:

  • Be a photo of you holding a paper sign with the requested information shown on it. Make sure to follow the directions shown on the verification page as we may update these periodically. Ensure that a substantial amount of you is visible, ideally your photo should include you from at least the waist up to the top of your head. Check out the example photos below.
  • Be written on physical paper with a blue or black pen or sharpie. Please don’t use lipsticks, eye liners, or write on easily torn materials like paper towel as this makes it very difficult for our team to read your sign and if we can’t read it, we can’t approve it. We can’t accept your sign if it is written on a digital surface such as an iPad or other tablet or screen (including eInk displays).
  • Be clear, unedited, and clearly show that you are the one holding the paper We should be able to see your arm and that is connected to your body and the lighting should be good enough for us to recognise you and your camera to take a good photo.
  • Show your face. We know that providers who don’t show their face on their profile may feed hesitant to do this, but it is a requirement to ensure that your profile is in your control and only your control. Your verification photo will never be shown publicly.
  • Be unedited. No edits are acceptable, including stickers, filters, text, and mirroring. Don’t worry if you take the photo using a mirror, we can flip it when reviewing it!

Proof of age is an adult platform and before your are able to advertise we need to verify that you are, indeed, over the age of 18 and the age of majority. To verify your age we require:

  • A valid, government issued photo ID (a drivers license, a passport, citizen card, travel card, etc.) that clearly shows your name, your date of birth, a photo of you, and the body that issued it.
  • That the ID has at least 30 days validity remaining We unfortunately can not accept expired IDs, even if that expiry happened recently.
  • Be unedited No edits are acceptable, including stickers, filters, text, and mirroring. Don’t worry if you take the photo using a mirror, we can flip it when reviewing it!
Age verification on