Tryst's photo guidelines

NOTE: Tryst doesn't currently support the HEIC image format used by Apple on their iOS devices. Please convert your images to JPG or PNG before uploading them to Tryst.

We have some requirements for photos you upload to your Tryst profile to ensure that the experience of the site remains good. You do not have to show your face in your photos, but the photo must be of you, and it cannot be an extreme close up of just one body part. For example, a photo of just your tattoo or your foot is not okay, but a photo of you from behind or in silhouette or from the neck down is okay.

We have a zero tolerance policy for stolen content. If we discover you are using content that is not your own, your profile will be suspended and you will receive a lifetime ban from Tryst.

For us to approve your photos, please ensure they are:

  • Photos of you and only you that you own the rights to use, unless:
    • You are part of a double and have their permission to feature in your photos, and have uploaded a verification photo to your account.
    • You are listed in the BDSM category and a sub is included, provided they are unidentifiable.
  • High resolution and not blurry, heavily compressed, too small, or otherwise low quality.
    • We recommend that all photos you upload are at least 700x700 pixels so that you look great no matter where the image is used on the site or when you share your profile on social platforms like Twitter or Switter.
  • Not use obtrusive filters (filters that significantly change the photo or add elements to the photo or your face), Beauty filters are acceptable but should not be extreme).
  • Not be screenshots or include borders either outside of the photo or overlaid on the photo. This includes borders added as part of a filter.
  • Not an extreme close up of any part of your body or genitals. Zoom out a little, let the viewer get to know you a bit more!
  • Not be a montage of multiple photos, only a single photo per image.
  • Have only small, unobtrusive watermarks shown of your name only. Tryst will automatically apply a small watermark in the lower right of your image to discourage content theft.
    • This also means no watermarks from the photographer advertising their business.
  • Have no contact information or other text (there is space on your profile for this), filters that add elements to the photo (e.g., the Snapchat dog filter), or have stickers on them.
    • You may use a limited number of unobtrusive stickers for censoring your photo, such as your face, genitals, tattoos, etc. The stickers chosen must be unobtrusive and not obscure large portions of the photo.
  • Not of explicit sexual acts or be simulating them.
  • Not include weapons of any sort, excluding obviously fake cosplay items.
  • Not include or insinuate the sale of illicit substances.

Thumbnail images

In addition to the above, we also have an additional requirements for your thumbnail image. This is the image shown in our search results and on our homepage. Please ensure that your thumbnail image:

  • Does not show full nudity.
In addition to this, we can't share photos to other platforms that contain nudity as we risk our accounts and yours being banned or shadow-banned due to their platform rules. We know this sucks, but it is ultimately better for everyone that we ensure thumbnails and shared header images (such as on your banner) don't include content that can cause issue.

Header images

Header images are shown at the top of your profile and work best if they are landscape. We don't edit these at all and they will be automatically centred so you may want to crop your preferred header images to look just the way you want them to.