I can't find my profile or I see "page not found" when I go to it

If your profile has been approved and you have received an email from us then congratulations! your profile is now live on Tryst! If you are scrolling through search results and can't find your profile, make sure that:

  • Your profile meets the minimum requirements, including at least 3 approved photos.
  • You are searching in the correct location, you will only appear in your home location and in locations you are travelling to if it is within 30 days of an active tour.
  • Your "caters to" is filled out with the correct genders, you won't show up in search results at all if you haven't filled out this section of your profile.
What are the profile requirements?

Page not found

There are a few reasons that your profile will show up with the "page not found" error when you try to browse to it. You can see some of this information on the Dashboard.

  • Your profile hasn't been approved If you haven't provided us with your [verification information] and met the [minimum profile requirements] your profile won't be visible on the site. Make sure you have sent us the information required and updated your profile correctly. Approval may take up to 3 business days once you have met the requirements.
  • Your profile is hidden You can hide your profile at any time on Tryst which will result in this error message when you try to browse to the page. You can unhide your profile to make it show up again.
  • Your profile has been suspended In rare cases we may be forced to suspect your profile, if this has happened we will have reached out to you first so you should have been contacted by a member of the Tryst team.

If you don't think any of the above explain the issue you are seeing, please raise a new request so we can look into it.