What are the profile requirements?

To ensure that profiles on Tryst are high quality, we require you to ensure that your profile meets our minimum profile requirements before being approved. All profiles on Tryst must meet the following requirements to have your profile approved and visible on the site.

  • Verification information has been received and accepted
  • At least 3 photos uploaded and approved
  • Profile text about you - this text should not be explicit/graphic in nature
  • Your working name
  • Your desired profile username (this is what creates your Tryst URL)
  • The type of profile you are creating
  • Your gender & pronouns
  • What type of clients you cater to
  • Your age (you can change how this is displayed or hide it, but it is required for your profile to be approved)
  • Your home location (and SWA license for those working out of Victoria, Australia)

There is loads of additional information you can provide, and plenty that we recommend to help your profile stand out, in addition to these minimum requirements.

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How do I become verified?