How do I remove my profile from Tryst?

There are two options for removing your profile from Tryst, hiding it or permanently deleting it. When a profile is hidden it will not show up in search results, similar/recommend profiles, in favourites for any user who has favourited you, the direct URL will show "page not found", and your banner image will stop loading if it is included on any sites. You can unhide your profile at any time from the Dashboard. No information is deleted when hiding or unhiding your profile, even if you go from a paid plan to the free Lite plan.

Hiding your profile

  1. Log in to your Tryst account and go to the Dashboard.

  2. In the Profile section you will see the current status of your profile. Click on the Hide Profile button to change from visible to hidden.

  3. To unhide your profile click on Publish Profile to make it visible again.

Deleting your profile

If you want to permanently remove your profile from Tryst, you can delete your entire Tryst account. This action is not reversible.

How do I delete my Tryst account?

My profile is still showing in Google, what do I do?

While we will hide your profile or delete your account immediately, Google, Bing, Duck Duck Go, and other search engines have their own copies of data that we can't force them to remove. In most cases they will clear old data after about 30-90 days, however they provide mechanisms for you to report content that should be removed as well.

Unfortunately Tryst can not make these requests on your behalf.



Duck Duck Go

  • Duck Duck Go doesn't have a native tool as it sources its results from other services. Refer to their list of sources and then check if those sources have a content removal tool available.