How do I increase my exposure on Tryst?

Tryst works a little differently to most other advertising platforms in that you don't have to fight for the top spot on a single page with every other user. When you create your profile we will use the information in you profile to add you to a number of different locations on the site, as you can see in the image below. We also use our own algorithm to change which providers are shown on each visit to a page on Tryst, ensuring that maximum exposure for all.

Find out what works for you

Tryst has a valuable analytics area for your profile that can be used to help you improve your profile and set the best photos for your thumbnail and header. Check out our Analytics section to learn more about how to use this to increase your exposure.

Analytics on Tryst

Improving your profile

We've collected some tips below to help you improve your profile and ensure it appeals to the widest range of potential clients. We also highly recommend you check out our blog where we often post about ways to promote yourself to more clients, particularly this article about improving your Tryst profile.

  • Ensure that you have a well written profile¬†Our analytics show that clients are significantly more likely to contact you if your profile includes more than 3 paragraphs of about text that explains who you are and what you offer. We also use this information to place you in our discovery engine so it's important to the site as well as your potential clients.
  • Use high quality photos¬†This doesn't mean they have to be professionally taken, in fact we have a¬†great blog post¬†on how to take brilliant sexy selfies. Make sure your photos show you off well, highlighting your best features, and that they are good quality so they don't look blurry or heavily compressed.
  • Set a tagline¬†The tagline helps ensure that you get the best version of your profile presented no matter what area your profile is being shown in. We use this on your thumbnail and when sharing to social media.
  • Use tours when you are travelling¬†Add tours to your profile when you are travelling to ensure that you start appearing in search results in those areas when your tour is within 30 days of starting.
  • Add all of your rates to your profile¬†Clients are more likely to contact you if they understand how much you are going to charge, we recommend you add pricing for any category or service you offer for maximum visibility.
  • Socials & contact information¬†If you have profiles on social media or your own website, we highly recommend adding these to your profile. This kind of additional information also helps clients know they can trust your profile

Utilising Tryst's Features 

Share your Tryst profile on other sites such as Twitter, and RT other workers profiles

Approximately 38.2% of all of our traffic comes through individual profile pages. These are pages that you may be on under the similar profiles section. By sharing other workers Tryst profiles and boosting their signal, you're also giving yourself more potential exposure. Sharing the love benefits everyone, especially through Tryst.

We also have several social media accounts dedicated to promoting Tryst workers. If you tag us in your posts on Twitter especially, we will retweet them on our accounts giving your profile more exposure.

We have a bunch of social media profiles you can find us on as well, you can see the full list as

Set yourself as Available Now

If you aren't already aware, we have an easy and instant way to give your profile a boost called Available Now. You can find this on the dashboard and turn it on at anytime. When turned on, this will mark your profile as Available Now and boost it in search results. You can remain marked as Available Now for 4 hours and have the flexibility to turn this off at any point. Please be aware that if you do turn it off, you cannot turn it back on for another 4 hours.