Someone is impersonating Tryst or sending fake emails

Urgh, scammers are the worst! If you have received any emails, SMS, or any other communication you believe to be from someone impersonating Tryst, or anyone on the Tryst team, please forward the email to with any additional information that may help us investigate the scam. You can (and should) safely ignore anything that is asking for personal information.

Tryst will never ask you for personal information such as your password, uncensored government identification, or credit card information.

Any legitimate communication from Tryst will always come from an address that end in or be posted to the messages on the dashboard when you log in, we use no other domains for emails or notifications. If it didn't come from this domain then you can safely ignore and delete the email.

If you are concerned someone is impersonating Tryst or a member of the Tryst team in other ways, please send any information about it to and we will investigate.