I have a problem with my order

Oh no! There are a bunch of errors that your card issuer may show that are out of our control (almost all errors you come across when trying to pay are from your bank, not from us), the list below might help you work out why the payment failed so you can try again. In some cases you may need to try a different payment method if you are unable to have your card issuer unblock the transaction.

Card issuer errors

  • Do not honour The bank declined the transaction but didn't specify a reason for why. You will need to contact your bank to find out what the issue was and how to resolve it. These error types often have the error code 3000 ahead of the reason for rejection.
  • Decline CVV2/CVC failure The code you entered into the CVV/CVC field was incorrect, check the number of your card and try again. Most cards show this on the back of the card but you may need to check your banks documentation if your card is different.
  • 3D Secure Authorization Failed The secondary verification step failed or was cancelled, you'll need to attempt the payment again to re-try the 3D Secure Authorization step.

Did you see an issue that isn't mentioned above? Please take a screenshot of the error if you can, then contact us by raising a support request so we can investigate and help you out.