Unrecognised login confirmation

When you log into Tryst from an unrecognised device, we will send you an email with a confirmation code in it to make sure that it is really you trying to log in to the account. NEVER share this code with anyone, Tryst staff will never ask for this code and you will never be required to enter it anywhere except the login confirmation page.

I didn’t try to sign in

If you didn’t try to sign in, it is likely that someone else knows or has guessed your password and is trying to access your account. We recommend you immediately change your password and follow the steps in our account security recommendations article to secure your account, especially using a password manager and enabling multi-factor authentication.

Password recommendations

Account security tips

I’m not receiving the email

If you aren’t receiving emails from Tryst we recommend following the steps in the article below to add Tryst to your safe senders list. Some email providers are very heavy handed with filtering out “adult” content and may not be reliable providers for Tryst users.

I'm not receiving Tryst emails